Can You Grind Coffee Beans in a Ninja?

Ninja blenders are incredibly handy kitchen appliances that make preparing meals easier. Those that need their caffeine fix to start the day may be wondering if the Ninja can be used to make their cup of joe. Can the Ninja grind coffee beans just like a traditional coffee grinder? 

Ninja blenders can grind coffee beans. The blades are strong enough to grind the beans, making the Ninja a great replacement for a coffee grinder if needed. There is even a coffee grinder attachment you can buy to turn your Ninja into the real deal.

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Coffee drinkers love to find innovative and time-saving ways to enjoy it. So, read on to find out more about how your Ninja can double as a coffee grinder, and how it compares to existing coffee grinders on the market.

How Does a Ninja Blender Grind Coffee Beans?

Ninja blenders can grind coffee beans well and do so consistently. The process for grinding coffee beans in one is straightforward and does not take a lot of time. Follow the steps below to make a cup of coffee using your Ninja blender.

    1. Plug in and clean your Ninja blender- residue from previous batches can affect the quality of the current one, and you won’t be able to make anything if you do not plug in in!
    2. Pick the coffee you want and decide on the texture- choosing everything beforehand ensures consistency in your blend by preventing grinds of different textures 
    3. Pulse grind the coffee beans- place the coffee beans inside the Ninja and pulse grind them, this allows more control over consistency and prevents the blades fromgetting stuck. It is recommended that you pulse grind 12 times for a single cup of coffee. Pulse grinding is when you grind for a few seconds, then pause to allow the blades to cool
    4. Grab a hard spatula and stir the grounds in between pulses to avoid clumps- remember consistency is important for a smooth cup, and we want to give the blades a break to avoid them getting stuck
    5. When finished, remove the grounds and clean the blender- that way, it is ready to use for the next batch
    6. Take apart the Ninja blender and clean the parts- make sure that no residue is left behind 

In just seven easy steps, you can grind coffee beans and make a great tasting cup of joe in your Ninja. Since these blenders are so versatile, they save you money because you do not have to purchase a separate coffee grinder. But, how does the Ninja stack up against a traditional grinder?

Ninja Blender vs Coffee Grinder 

Let’s compare the coffee grinding process in a Ninja blender to that in a regular coffee grinder to see how they are alike and different.

Ninja Blender 

With a Ninja blender, the blades it comes with are strong enough to grind coffee beans without issues. Like a coffee grinder, Ninja blenders can have difficulty achieving a consistent grind, so it is better to pulse rather than hold while grinding with it. Using the Ninja blender is cost-effective because you already use your Ninja for so many other things, so why not for coffee.

As long as the Ninja is cleaned before and after use, it will work well to bring you a decent cup of coffee every time. If you are not too picky about the flavor of your coffee and use it primarily to boost your energy, the Ninja works well enough to give you what you are after.

Ninja blenders do a better job of grinding smaller coffee beans. Although the blades are powerful, they may not be able to grind larger beans as effectively. The larger a coffee bean is, the longer it takes to make it into grounds. Traditional coffee grinders have different settings to suit various bean sizes.

Coffee Grinder 

Most people use a coffee grinder when making their coffee. The quality and style of grinder impacts the taste and texture of the final cup of coffee. There are two different types of coffee grinders you can choose from: blade grinders and burr grinders.

Blade Grinders 

Bladed coffee grinders are the ones that most often come to mind when thinking about making coffee. They use a propeller blade, like those in a blender or food processor, to grind up the coffee beans. Blade grinders are cheaper than others and are typically used by those who are new to coffee. 

It can be tough to get consistency in ground size when using a blade grinder, so it is recommended that the beans be pulsed instead of holding down the grinder to get better results. Choosing to pulse will also prevent the beans from getting hot and changing the flavor of the coffee. Generally, the coffee produced with a blade grinder lacks flavor and texture.

Burr Grinders 

Burr coffee grinders are regarded as the superior coffee grinding device because of their ability to extract both flavor and texture from coffee beans. In these grinders, the coffee is broken up between two revolving burrs. The beans are ground between the burrs and an immobile surface.

Burr grinders are both more expensive and more consistent at grinding coffee than blade grinders. They also come in manual and electric versions. The manual versions are better at achieving consistency in the grounds, while the electric versions are time-saving and can accommodate larger volumes of coffee grounds.

Burr coffee grinders also come in flat and conical shapes. The flat burrs allow the coffee beans to be ground up symmetrically and make coffee that is plain in flavor, allowing the maker the freedom to add whatever they want to their coffee. Conical burrs are not as precise, the beans may shoot out during grinding, but the coffee remains flavorful and robust.

If you are picky about the texture and flavor of your coffee because you genuinely enjoy the taste of coffee, then a burr grinder is for you. Otherwise, it may be better to choose one of the other devices above.


The Ninja blender and bladed coffee grinder are essentially the same machine, except the Ninja is multipurpose while the coffee grinder is made specifically to handle coffee grounds. On the other hand, the burr coffee grinder uses a different mechanism than both of these devices and is on another level in terms of quality. 

In deciding which of these you would prefer to use, think about whether you enjoy coffee for the flavor and texture, or if you just use it to make sure you have enough energy to get through the day.

Why You Should Choose a Ninja Blender to Grind Your Coffee 

Even though there are dedicated coffee grinders on the market, there are also several reason why you should consider using a Ninja blender to grind your morning coffee:

    • The Ninja is versatile- if you ever find yourself in a situation where you do not have a coffee grinder, you can still make coffee because the Ninja blender is capable of grinding the beans, even if it is not the most consistent at this. Also, because the Ninja can be used for so many cooking processes, you save space in your kitchen and money on extra appliances
    • The Ninja is fast- the Ninja can grind beans quickly, making it the perfect tool to use when you need coffee in a pinch. Even when making one cup of coffee at a time, the speed of the blender means you can make multiple servings in quick succession 
    • The Ninja is durable- the durability of an appliance is directly related to how long you can use it for. Since the Ninja is durable, it can make multiple batches of coffee grounds without breaking down if it is properly cleaned and handled 
    • The Ninja is compact- the Ninja blender is small so it can be taken anywhere and used anytime as long as you have access to electricity. This way, you can make coffee for others and show off what the Ninja can do!
    • The Ninja is well built and easy  to use- the Ninja blender is user friendly, has blades that are strong enough to crush coffee grounds, a high powered motor that can handle the job, and 746 watt horsepower that makes it formidable. The process to crush coffee beans in a Ninja is more streamlined than using a coffee grinder 
    • There is a separate coffee grinder attachment- if you are unsure about the Ninja’s capabilities as a coffee grinder, you can invest in a coffee grinder attachment made for Ninjas. The attachment holds 12 tablespoons of coffee grounds, enough for 12 cups of coffee. It also has measurement marks so that you add the perfect amount and is clear so you can keep track of the size of the grounds
    • The flavors of the coffee are maintained- grinding coffee in a blender keeps the full flavor of the beans, provided that you use the pulse method when grinding instead of holding down the blend button
  • The Ninja is more cost effective than a traditional coffee grinder 
  • The Ninja is simple to clean- it was designed this way so that users can save time in the kitchen, cleaning out a coffee grinder is much more time consuming
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There are many valid reasons to use your Ninja to assist you in the coffee making process. It is a reliable piece of equipment that gets the job done, even if it is not perfect every time. Now that we know the positive qualities, let’s explore the negative aspects of using a Ninja blender as a coffee grinder in the next section.

Cons of Using a Ninja as a Coffee Grinder 

Along with all the positive traits, there are some downsides that come with using a Ninja as a coffee maker rather than a tool made specifically for the job. These include:

  • Bitter coffee- since the Ninja can have difficulty achieving a consistent texture in the grinds, sometimes coffee will turn out bitter. If you don’t pulse the coffee beans, the heat from the blades can burn the beans. However, if you do not mind the bitterness, this is not a major issue that impacts the Ninja’s ability to make a decent cup of coffee
  • Consistency problems- consistency is the major issue with Ninja blenders, which affects the overall outcome of the coffee brew. The coffee that is made with the help of a Ninja blender will be lower quality than coffee made with actual coffee making equipment 
  • Missing access to settings that make coffee better-most coffee grinders and machines have different settings to adjust the size -of the grounds, allowing you to make coffee that suits a variety of tastes and needs 
  • It cannot handle large batches of coffee- on it’s own, a Ninja can only reliably grind enough coffee grounds for a single cup of coffee. However, you can purchase the coffee grinder attachment if you want to increase this capacity
  • Coffee beans can damage the blades- if coffee beans are too hard, they can damage the blender blades of the Ninja, damaging its ability to blend in the future and shortening its lifespan in your kitchen.

In spite of these issues, the Ninja is still an appliance that everyone should consider adding to their kitchen. Even if you do not use it to grind coffee, the Ninja has so many other functionalities that make it cost-effective and worthwhile. Ultimately, it is up to you to weigh the pros and cons and decide if using the Ninja as a coffee grinder works for you.

Using a Ninja to Grind Coffee Beans

Ninja blenders can be used to grind coffee beans, and they are a cost-effective and quick way to do so. Although they have difficulty achieving a consistent grind resulting in bitter coffee, the Ninja is fast, durable, versatile, and has its own coffee grinder attachment to resolve the bitterness issue. With the Ninja, you will save space on your kitchen counter and money in your pocket.

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