Best Coffee Grounds for Cold Brew

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make cold brew coffee, purchasing ground coffee is the easiest way to get started.  Rather grind it yourself?  We have beans covered too in our guide to the best cold brew coffee brands.

Coffee grounds remove some of the hassle when it comes to enjoying cold brew at home, for a fraction of the price you would pay at a coffee shop.

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There are so many different ways to handle cold brew coffee at home, so let's take a look at the things you need, and of course the best coffee grounds for.

The Best Coffee Grounds for Cold Brew

Here are the best coffee grounds for cold brew:

Before you pick your favorite from this list, there are a couple of things to consider.  We really took the guesswork out of things by drinking a ton of cold brew coffee for you.

First of all, you need to consider the grounds themselves.

Have they been formatted especially for cold brew?  If the answer is no, keep looking because a proper blend, roasting, and grinding of coffee beans is the most important thing you need to think of.

Remember, we need a nice coarse grind for cold brew, that's why you can't just buy any coffee grounds out there.

The next think to think about is your cold brew setup.

Do you have a cold brew pitcher?  What are you going to brew your cold brew coffee in?  Do you have a good strainer?

Each and every one of these coffees has been specially tested and created specifically for cold brew.  They are already ground to perfection, so any coffee from this list will get you started on your journey.

Let's take a closer look at each of them.

Tiny Footprint Coffee

Tiny Footprint Coffee - USDA Organic Cold Brew Cold Press Elixir | Blend of Light & Dark Roasts Whole Bean Coffee | Shade-Grown, Fair Trade & Carbon Negative | 16 Ounce
  • COLD BREW BLEND: A blend crafted perfectly for cold brew - our Cold Press Elixir is a mix of our light and dark roasts spiked with our best Ethiopian coffees.
  • ORGANIC COFFEE BEANS: USDA Organic, Fair Trade & Shade-Grown Arabica Coffee.
  • FLAVOR PROFILE: Sweet, silky richness with subtle flavor notes of bright fruit and floral tones infused in a cocoa like body.

Coopers's Organic Cold Brew Coffee

Organic Cold Brew Coffee - Guatemalan Coffee Beans Ground Coarse for Cold Brewing - Medium Roast, 16oz (Ground)
  • Organic Cold Brew Coffee Guatemalan Reserve - Coarsely Ground - Medium Roast - by the Master Roasters at Cooper's Cask Coffee
  • Roast Profiles: We've created vibrant and bold profile. Smooth taste of caramel with touch of cherry and orange. A well balanced medium roast coffee.
  • Grade 1 Single Origin Beans: We constantly cup every new lot to ensure the best possible cup of coffee.

Stone Street Coffee

Stone Street Cold Brew Coffee, Strong & Smooth Blend, Low Acid, 100% Arabica, Gourmet Coffee, Coarse Ground, Dark Roast, Colombian Single Origin, 5 LB
  • COARSE GROUND COFFEE FOR COLD BREWING – We start with gourmet arabica coffee beans from Colombia, then we grind them to the perfect coarse ground size for optimal cold brew extraction. Our grounds are perfect for using in your at-home cold brew coffee maker or system, French press, pitcher, or mason jar.
  • DARK ROAST COLOMBIAN SUPREMO – Our beans are classified as ‘supremo’ which are the largest and highest quality beans from Colombia. When these beans are dark roasted, it brings out the nutty/chocolate notes and makes the most delicious tasting cold brew coffee.
  • STRONG & SMOOTH BLEND – Our coffee is specially formulated to make a bold, balanced, low-acid, slightly sweet cold brew or iced coffee. You can easily adjust the strength to make it extra strong (more coffee or longer brewing time) or even lighter (more water).

Bizzy Cold Brew

Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee | Smooth & Sweet Blend | Coarse Ground Coffee | Micro Sifted | Specialty Grade | 100% Arabica | 1 LB
  • ENGINEERED FOR COLD BREW - Coarse ground coffee optimized for cold brewing to give you a consistent, extra smooth cold brew
  • BREW YOUR WAY - Brew your cold brew how you would like. Add more water for a less strong cold brew or less water for a stronger beverage.
  • 100% ORGANIC - USDA Organic, ethically sourced coffee from Guatemala, Peru, and Nicaragua.

Cold Brew Lab

Cold Brew Organic Coarse Ground Coffee, Colombian Supremo, Dark Roast, Coarse Grind for Cold Brew Coffee & French Press,1 LB
  • CUSTOM CRAFTED FOR COLD BREWING: Look no further for the perfect coarse coffee grounds for making cold brew coffee. We source, roast, & blend our beans for optimal cold (slow) brew extraction – creating a strong and bold taste with well-rounded, smooth, low acidic, & full bodied flavor.
  • ORGANIC 100% ARABICA COLOMBIAN COFFEE: We only use pesticide free USDA certified organic coffee because we care about the quality of our product. Specialty-grade, Gourmet, 100% Arabica, Colombian Supremo.
  • DARK ROAST BLEND: We use a blend of medium & dark roasted coffee beans to create a unique roast level that is perfect for cold brewed coffee flavor. This creates a cup that is extremely smooth, yet bold & flavorful.

Artizan Cold Brew

Organic Cold Brew - Medium Dark Roast - Silky Smooth - Low Acidity - Artizan Coffee Roasters (2 Pack Extra Coarse)
  • Our organic cold brew, features a medium-dark roast profile, a combination of natural and washed processing, coarse ground for slow extraction, and is packaged in a resealable bag with a 3-layer natural kraft + foil design to maintain top-quality freshness; it is certified organic, FairTrade, Rain Forest Alliance, UTZ(E), and Bird Friendly.

Stone Cold Jo

STONE COLD JO: 12 oz, Cold Brew Coffee Blend, Dark Roast, Coarse Ground Organic Coffee, Silky, Smooth, Low Acidity, USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified, NON-GMO, Great French Press Hot Brew
  • STONE COLD JO PROFESSIONAL CUPPING NOTES: SILKY SMOOTH | LOW ACIDITY | DARK ROAST | HINTS OF TOFFEE CARAMEL CHOCOLATE GRAPE | Descriptive flavor terms are naturally occurring undertones in the coffee and no flavors are added.
  • Each batch of this fresh roasted organic coffee is hand-crafted, by artisan coffee roasters, in our micro-roastery.
  • Available in 12 oz or a 2 lb money-saving package, both packaged with resealable tin-tie for convenient storage. For a cold brew we recommend a 4:1 water to coarse ground coffee ratio in a cold brewing device, French press or Mason jar. Adjust ratio as desired. Stir, cover, refrigerate 12+ hours then press/filter. Enjoy plain or with your favorite flavoring. For a hot brew we recommend using 2 tablespoons of ground coffee to 6 oz of water for optimal extraction with most brewing methods.

As you can see, each of these cold brew coffee grounds has their own unique flavor profile.

Many options are organic, and there is a wide variety of flavor profiles.

The Best Way to Strain Cold Brew Coffee

When it comes to staring cold brew coffee, an ordinary strainer works well, as long as you put a coffee filter in it.

Why the need for a coffee filter?  Simple.  Even though cold brew coffee grounds are ground very coarsely, they can still get through a strainer if you do not have the right one and it is not fine enough.

You can also use reusable bags to brew your coffee in, so you don't have to worry about straining.


Still sound like a lot of work?

What about a cold brew coffee pitcher with a built in strainer?

When your cold brew is ready, simply remove the single piece strainer and enjoy, no mess needed.

These special pitchers come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles.

As a bonus they can even double as a water infuser with fresh fruit, or be used to make iced tea in when you need a break from coffee, if that ever happens of course.

The Best Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher Packs

If straining and worrying about the mess and hassle isn't for you when it comes to cold brew coffee, don't worry.  We have you covered there too.

These are the best cold brew coffee pitcher packs.

Don Francisco's Organic Cold Brew Coffee, 4 Pitcher Packs (makes 2 pitchers)
Don Francisco's Organic Cold Brew Coffee, 4 Pitcher Packs (makes 2 pitchers)
MADE WITH 100% premium arabica coffee beans USDA certified organic.; CUSTOM COFFEE blend developed to be brewed cold. Medium-dark roast.
Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee, Signature Black, Pitcher Packs, 8.6 Oz, Pack of 3
Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee, Signature Black, Pitcher Packs, 8.6 Oz, Pack of 3
CONTAINS: Contains 1 box with 4 pitcher packs to make a total of 2 pitchers

All you need to do is fill a pitcher of water, place in the packs you need (depending on how much coffee you are making, of course), and let time do the work.

When you have finished brewing your coffee, just remove the pitcher pack and enjoy.  No mess to deal with.


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