Can A Nespresso Make Iced Coffee? Learn How!

Are you a coffee lover with one of those nifty Nespresso machines? As summer approaches, you may think that it’s a little too hot to drink your usual cup of steaming coffee! Can a Nespresso machine make iced coffee?

A Nespresso machine can easily make a cup of iced coffee and a delicious one as well. With the right ingredients and following some easy instructions, you can quickly learn how to make several different types of iced coffee with the coffee pod flavor of your choice. 

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Are you in the mood for a cup of iced coffee yet? Stay with us as we discuss everything you need to know to learn how to make an iced coffee with your Nespresso!

What Is A Nespresso Iced Coffee?

A Nespresso Iced coffee is a cold beverage made from coffee, along with other ingredients that may vary from person to person according to individual tastes. The best part of making iced coffee with your Nespresso machine is that you get to choose which coffee flavor you’d like your iced coffee to be. 

You can use a Nespresso pod of your choice, but it should be compatible with your Nespresso machine. Making an iced coffee with a Nespresso machine is seen as a much faster way of making a tasty iced coffee without having to go to your nearest coffee shop or breaking the bank with expensive ingredients. 

Because it is so simple, an iced coffee with Nespresso is perfect for those hot summer days when you fancy an ice-cold beverage while satisfying that burning need for caffeine!

What Are The Best Nespresso Pods To Use For Iced Coffee?

Choosing your Nespresso coffee pods for your iced coffee adventure is the most crucial part of the process! You can select your favorite Nespresso coffee pod if you already have a favorite!

Lucky for you, this is where some suggestions come in! Nespresso iced coffee is made with quite a lot of milk, and because of this, you should always use a Nespresso pod that has a good amount of solid flavor inside it, like one for a latte or cappuccino.

Generally, the best coffee pods for a Nespresso iced coffee would be any coffee that has been dark roasted. Dark roast coffee pods start from a level 9 on the scale of intensity of Nespresso. 

Even if you do not prefer dark roasted or strong coffee, start with a potent variant for your Nespresso iced coffee to give you that smooth and satisfying iced coffee feeling. 

Feel free to choose a Lungo pod instead of an Nespresso coffee pod, but be cautious with the amount of milk you’re going to be adding. 

Lungo pods will produce much more coffee than the Nespresso pods, so you might want to add less milk in order to balance your iced coffee. 

Additionally, you should make sure that the Lungo coffee pods are strong in flavor, as you will need to use your own discretion to balance the flavor between the coffee and the milk, even if you are working from a recipe!

Basic Ingredients For A Standard Nespresso Iced Coffee

It’s almost time to learn how to master the art of making the basic iced coffee with step-by-step instructions! However, before we dive into making the iced coffee, you will need to acquire some key ingredients to get the best taste from your ice-cold beverage! 

In order to make a basic iced coffee with your Nespresso machine, you will need your favorite Nespresso coffee pod, milk, ice, and a sweetener if you prefer adding some sweetness! You will also need an Aeroccino milk frother, or you can choose to use your Nespresso machine’s steam nozzle. 

This is not difficult at all, and making an iced coffee with your Nespresso machine only takes about five minutes! 

How To Make A Nespresso Iced Coffee

Let’s start with the most popular cold beverage, known as your standard iced coffee. Making a traditional iced coffee with your Nespresso machine is a simple process, and it can be done in nine easy and quick steps! 

Basically, making this type of iced coffee merely involves choosing your Nespresso coffee capsule, brewing your espresso, frothing your milk, adding some ice to your espresso, and then combining the cold and frothed milk with your iced coffee. 

The last thing on the list is adding some sweetener to end your beverage off if you prefer some. 

For A Traditional Iced Coffee, You Need The Following Items:

  • Your Nespresso machine
  • A milk frother with a cold frothing option
  • The Nespresso coffee pod of your choice
  • Five to seven ice cubes
  • Any type of milk of your choice
  • A sweetener such as coffee syrup, sugar, honey, or others. (This ingredient is optional)

That’s it! The above items are all you need to make this tasty iced coffee recipe. Below, we will look into the recipe you need to follow to get the most flavor from your Nespresso iced coffee!


  1. Turn your Nespresso machine on.
  2. Preheat your Nespresso machine and let the water run through it. You do so by pressing down firmly on the buttons, allowing the water to stream out.
  3. Next, you have to cold foam your milk by using your milk frother on your Nespresso machine.
  4. Press and hold the button for several seconds until the light turns blue. The blue light indicates that the milk will produce a cold foam.
  5. While you do the above step, add the chosen coffee pod into the Nespresso machine, lock it in place with the lever and press the button to initiate the process.
  6. Allow the coffee to run through your machine.
  7. Grab a second glass and fill it with your ice cubes.
  8. Pour your extracted Nespresso on top of your ice-filled glass and give it a thorough stir.
  9. Add your cold foamed milk to your cooled Nespresso-filled cup or glass.

You have now completed all the needed steps to make a tasty traditional iced coffee using your Nespresso machine!

Other Types Of Iced Coffee Using A Nespresso Machine

A Nespresso machine can not only make a cup of traditional iced coffee, but you can make different types of ice coffee with it as well. As you get more familiar with Nespresso pods and ice coffee, you can start to experiment with different kinds!

Below we will discuss how to make a Milk and spiced iced coffee, an iced cappuccino, as well as an iced latte, and a Nespresso on ice!

Milk And Spiced Coffee

A milk and spiced iced coffee is a foamy, icy milk beverage brewed with all the spices of the delicious Ristretto coffee pods.

You Will Need:

  • 2 x Nespresso capsules of either Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano Decaffeinato, or Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano. (To be able to produce 80ml of espresso coffee.)
  • 4 tablespoons of ice. (crushed)
  • 150 ml of cold, fresh milk of your choice.
  • Ground chocolate, nutmeg, or cinnamon shavings. 


  • A tall glass, one that can hold at least 350 ml of liquid.
  • Aeroccino cold milk frother.


  1. Add your crushed ice into your tall glass.
  2. Properly extract your 2 chosen Nespresso capsules (which should be 80ml) into your tall glass and add sweetener or sugar if you prefer.
  3. Pour the cold milk of your choice into the Aeroccino cold milk frother and hold down the button for several seconds until the light turns blue (in order to create a cold froth)
  4. Using a spoon, add your frothed milk to the iced coffee and top it with foam.
  5. Sprinkle with either your chocolate, nutmeg, or cinnamon shavings to finish your drink.
  6. Serve immediately before your ice coffee melts!

Iced Nespresso Cappuccino

An ice-cold beverage with a subtle twist on the milk and spiced ice coffee!

You Will Need:

  • 1 Nespresso capsule Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio Decaffeinato or Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio.
  • 2 x 30g ice cubes.
  • 100ml of fresh, cold milk (Full fat)
  • 4g sugar, or one sugar sachet.
  • One pinch of fresh milk chocolate or dark chocolate shavings.


  • One drinking glass.
  • Aerocinno cold milk frother.


  1. Add your chosen spices and sugar into the glass.
  2. Insert 1 capsule of your selected Nespresso pod coffee (40ml) and pour over your sugar and spices, and then mix.
  3. Pour your cold milk into the Aeroccino milk frother and press down on the button until the light turns blue of color in order to create a cold froth.
  4. Carefully pour your cold-frothed milk over the coffee.
  5. Sprinkle with your fresh chocolate shavings.
  6. Serve immediately as your beverage may melt!

Iced Nespresso latte

Simple and easy elegance with a chill!

You Will Need:

  • 2 x capsules of India or Ristretto Italiano Nespresso capsules. (40 ml)
  • Cold, fresh milk. (Any type)
  • Either crushed ice or whole ice cubes.
  • Tall glass.


  1. Prepare your 2 x capsules of either India or Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano in espresso by extracting it from your Nespresso coffee machine.
  2. Pour your cold milk into the tall glass.
  3. Pour your coffee over the milk.
  4. Carefully add your ice cubes or crushed ice.
  5. Serve immediately.

Nespresso On Ice

Nespresso on ice is a strong and refreshing cold beverage with intense flavors perfectly suited for one of those hot summer days!

You Will Need:

  • 1 Nespresso capsule of your choice, preferably dark roast.
  • 3 whole ice cubes of 30g each.
  • 90ml refrigerated water.


  • 1 Tall glass


  1. Place your 3 ice cubes into your glass, or 90g of whole ice cubes.
  2. Extract 40ml of your preferred coffee out of your Nespresso machine.
  3. Add 90ml of refrigerated water, and stir.
  4. Serve immediately!

The Difference Between Foamed And Non-Foamed Milk

When you need to choose between the milk or the milk alternatives in the recipes above, you will also need to choose between foaming or not foaming your milk. For the above recipes, we recommend that you foam your milk. 

Foamed milk tends to give any type of ice coffee a fantastic taste. This is because the ice will melt, and it will mix with the foam, leaving a great texture in your mouth while enjoying your cold beverage. 

However, if you do not own a milk frother, there is undoubtedly no need to panic and go out to the store and buy one! Because of the leniency of these recipes, you have the option to add your milk without foaming it first. 

Your iced coffee will still taste as delicious as you want it to. It will just be a different texture! You can even choose soy milk to make these ice coffees. You can foam your soy milk or leave it as it is. It complements the flavors of the coffee very well. 

If you do not have a milk foamer on your Nespresso machine but a handheld milk foamer, you can also use it to slightly foam your choice of milk. Handheld foamers are excellent appliances that will help you to achieve the foam you want without going out and breaking the bank! 

Keep in mind that when you use a handheld foamer, it’s your choice how foamy you would like your milk to be, so it’s definitely a good investment!

Making Iced Coffee with Nespresso

Now you know that your beloved Nespresso machine can indeed make a delicious cup of iced coffee, and it’s not even difficult at all! Do not worry if you struggle at first or need to throw a few cups away before finding the correct taste and consistency. Making iced coffee is all about trial and error, and you have the luxury of customizing each recipe to your own liking.

If you are a new owner of your Nespresso machine, try experimenting with as many different flavors and roasts as you possibly can. You have what seems like countless choices when it comes to Nespresso pods, and if you are a coffee fanatic, you will be drinking coffee all day!

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