Vitamix Frappuccino

Next to my three or four coffee and espresso machines, my Vitamix is my all time favorite kitchen appliance.  Did you know the Vitamix is the perfect way to make a Frappuccino?  In fact, a Vitamix is exactly what Starbucks uses in their stores.

I haven't been to Starbucks in ages, because let's face it, it is quite expensive and I can make a better coffee drink without leaving my house.  I can also make it perfect, because I can make it with as much espresso I want and whatever milk I want.

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Let's take a look at how to make the perfect Vitamix Frapuccino.

Frappuccino made at home with vitamix

What is a Frappuccino made of?

If you've never had one before, it's full of all of our favorite things as cofee lovers

  • Coffee or espresso
  • Milk
  • Flavor (Cocoa powder, Cocoa syrup, Caramel syrup - whatever you want)
  • Ice

Really, that's all there is to it.  The great thing about this drink is that it so very customizable - you can make it however you would like.

Should I use coffee or espresso for a frapuccino?

Either one works in a Frappuccino, but make sure it is cold!  Remember, Starbucks uses espresso for their Frapuccinos.  Talk drinks have 1 shot of espresso, Grande drinks have 2 shots of espresso, and Venti drinks have 3 shots of espresso.

If you are using coffee, make sure it is COLD!  If you're just going to use one or two shots of espresso, you can get away with it being fresh and still hot.

How do you make a Frappuccino not icy?

Blend, blend, blend my friend!  Just keep blending until those ice chunks are gone, and it doesn't take much with a Vitamix!

Do caramel frappes have espresso in them?

You bet!  Espresso is usually used in frapppes, but don't fear if you don't have any.  You can use regular coffee, just make sure it is cold and not hot!

How do you make a Frappuccino thicker?

Reduce the amount of liquid you add in, in this case milk.  We wouldn't want less coffee or espresso in there, would we?

What blender is best for frappes?

A Vitamix is the best blender for frappes, hand down.  It is pretty much the best blender for anything - you can even grind coffee beans in a Vitamix!

What blender does Starbucks use for Frappuccinos?

Starbucks uses a Vitamix for their frapuccinos.  It is a commercial style Vitamix which runs over $1000.  You can get the same quality at home with just about any Vitamix on the market.  You don't have to spend 1000 dolalrs, but a Vitamix will set you back.

How to Make a Vitamix Frappuccino at Home

This recipe makes two Venti style drinks, and couldn't be more simple!


  • 6 shots of espresso (chilled is best if you want a thicker frappucino)
  • 2 cups of milk (your favorite, whole milk, organic milk, coconut milk, whatever you want)
  • 1/3 cup of caramel syrup, or 1/3 cup mocha syrup (or whatever you would like!  You can also leave these out if it suits your tastes better)
  • 4 cups of ice
  • Whipped cream if desired
  • Additional caramel, mocha, or other toppings


1.  Place all ingredients in your Vitamix, and turn it on.  Make sure the top is on the container.

2.  Slowly turn the speed up until you've reached the highest setting.

Turn off your vitamix, pour, and enjoy!  Top with whipped cream and a drizzle of syrup if desired.  You can also top it with sprinkles, cookies, and candy!

How much does a Frapuccino cost to make at home?

Currently, a venti caramel frapuccunio costs $4.95.  I think we can do better at home, can't we?

Using prices from Walmart, a caramel frapuccino with 3 shots of espresso, organic milk, and caramel prices in at 2.58, which is just slightly above the price of its Starbucks counterpart.  If I use regular whole milk instead of organic, I'm looking at 2.46 which brings us under the half price mark.

Here's what you need:

Torani Caramel Sauce

Torn Dark Chocolate Sauce

Best of all, I didn't have to leave my house, and I get to have my drink how I'd like it - by the way, I like to make mine with espresso, coconut milk, and maple syrup!

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