7 Reasons to Use a Coffee Press

More and more people are turning to a coffee press to make their coffee instead of a traditional coffee machine or a Keurig. It’s only natural to wonder why. With how convenient coffee machines and especially Keurigs are, why would anyone opt to brew their own coffee with a coffee press?

If you’re curious about using a coffee press but you’re not sure if they are right for you, you’ve come to the right place. In our guide below, we will first discuss what the purpose of a coffee press is and whether they are worth it, before jumping into our top seven reasons you should use a coffee press. So if you want a better cup of coffee, come along, and let's get you set up!

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What is the Purpose of a Coffee Press?

So why would someone want to use a coffee press when there are perfectly good coffee machines out there that are easier and faster to use? 

Well, the reason comes down to the purpose of a coffee press. Coffee presses exist so that you can really let your coffee steep and take advantage of all its flavor. Additionally, they are designed so that you can conveniently pour your coffee into a cup without worrying about any spillage. As you can see, they are both practical and highly functional. 

Are Coffee Presses Worth It

We say coffee presses are totally worth it! You’ll get a better cup of coffee and a more convenient pour when you go to put it in a mug. 

But enough explaining how that they are worth it, let’s show you how. In the sections below we will breakdown the seven biggest reasons you should start using a coffee press today: 

A Coffee Press Makes Coffee Taste Better

When you brew your own coffee with a French press, tiny flecks of coffee grind it into the coffee, giving it a distinct flavor. This is why you may have heard your fellow coffee-drinking friends say that using a press makes their coffee taste even better than it already did. 

Additionally, because it is allowed to steep, more flavor can be soaked in. With a regular coffee pot, you just don’t get that added level of flavor. 

A Coffee Press Has a Better Aroma

When you’re steeping your coffee in a press, you’re bound to get a better aroma than that which you get from a traditional coffee machine, where the water just runs over the grounds. Of course, the aroma only adds to the already delicious flavor of the coffee as well. 

A Coffee Press is More Convenient to Pour Coffee in Your Mug 

With a regular pot of coffee, it’s way too easy to accidentally spill some when you’re trying to pour a cup. Especially in the morning when you’re still half awake. A coffee press makes this far easier by design. 

A Coffee Press Brews Coffee at the Right Temperature

The temperature that you brew coffee at plays a huge role in what flavor you get on the other side. The best temperature to brew coffee at is just below boiling. 

Fortunately, a coffee press brews the coffee at just that. You can expect your coffee press to brew coffee at around 195°F. This ensures you get the richest flavors and the most pleasing aromas from your coffee grounds. 

A Coffee Press Has No Impurities 

When you use a traditional coffee maker, there are impurities that get through in the process and make your coffee just a little bit worse. Fortunately, with a coffee press, there are no impurities that get through as long as you use high-quality coffee beans. You’ll truly have a more pure cup of coffee. 

A Coffee Press Helps Establish a Morning Routine

Brewing your own coffee with a coffee press is its own kind of meditative practice. It makes for a great ritual to start your day by. I mean just take a look at the process and try and tell us it won’t make you more productive. Below we’ve provided just a little taste so you can know what you’d need to do each morning:

  • Preheating: First, you have to preheat the coffee press and the coffee mug. Get it nice and hot so the beans or the grinds can steep. 
  • Grind the beans: If your beans aren’t pre-ground, this is where you do the grinding. The rhythmic motion can help establish a focus for the rest of your day.  
  • Measure out the coffee and boil your water: You’ll next need to measure out your coffee and boil your water. 
  • Use the coffee press: Now your coffee press is ready to use! You get to end out by finishing a delicious cup of coffee. What better way to start your day!

A Coffee Press Keeps You In Style

Coffee presses are increasing in popularity as more and more people discover them. If you want to keep up with the latest trends and stay in style, a coffee press is a must for your kitchen. There are plenty of styles and looks to choose from so you can get one that matches your personality. 

Is There Any Down Side to a Coffee Press

So now that we’ve looked at the upsides to a coffee press, let’s briefly address any negatives. The only major negative to a coffee press is that, while the coffee might taste better, it’s actually slightly less healthy. 

The unfiltered coffee grinds that end up making it into the coffee are known to raise cholesterol. So be sure and talk to your doctor about your coffee habits to make sure you have a healthy relationship with your brew.

So Really, Why Should I Use a Coffee Press?

There are many reasons why using a coffee press–also known as a French press–instead of a traditional coffee pot. These reasons range from the practical, like it being easier to pour into a cup, to the more functional, like making a better cup of coffee. 

The bottom line is, if you use a coffee press, you will get a cup of coffee that tastes better, has a better aroma, and has a more interesting process of brewing. We say, never have a mediocre cup of coffee again and start brewing your own with a coffee press!

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