How Coffee Beans Grow in Florida

Everyone–well almost everyone–enjoys it when they have a good cup of coffee in their hands. Still, not many of us realize that coffee can be grown right here in Florida. Of course, you’ve still gotta wonder, how is coffee grown in Florida? Does the climate help or does it lead to more difficulties?

While coffee beans aren’t grown commercially in Florida, they can be grown for personal use. They can thrive in temperatures up to 80°F as long as they are kept in the right soil and indirect sunlight. Of all the coffee that is grown in Florida, Arabica and Robust coffee are the most popular.

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If you’d like to learn more about how coffee is grown in Florida, you’re in the right place. In our guide below we’ll first explore what parts of Florida coffee is grown in, as well as what kinds of coffee. Then we’ll move on to walk you through the process of how coffee is grown in the first place. 

Will Coffee Beans Grow in Florida?

As we were alluding to in our intro, coffee beans are in fact grown in Florida. That said, there are still a lot of questions left like, what parts of Florida grow coffee beans, and what kinds of coffee beans do they grow? Well what’s the answer?

What Parts of Florida are Coffee Beans Grown In? 

Technically coffee beans can be grown anywhere in Florida. Still there are some major hotspots where it’s really known to be grown. 

Some of the most common places include Miami, West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. Coffee is also known to grow well in just about all of South Florida, so if you live there and you want to grow, you are in luck! 

What Kinds of Coffee Beans Grow in Florida?S

So what kind of coffee beans grow in Florida. Well there are two main strains. Below we’ve broken down the two main types of coffee grown in Florida: 

  • Robusta (coffea canephora): Probably the second most popular type of coffee globally, Robusta coffee is revered for its bitter, earthy flavor. While it might not be as popular as its Arabica counterpart, it is still considered to be decent quality. 
  • Arabica (coffea arabica): It is widely believed that the first coffee ever cultivated was Arabica coffee. Due to its smooth, almost sweet, chocolatey taste it has become the most popular type of coffee out there, making up 60% of global production. While it can take some work to grow, it is well worth it in the end. 

Both Arabica and Robusta strains of coffee can be grown in Florida. Though to be fair it takes far more work to grow Arabica coffee than it does Robusta. That said, before you decide on Robusta also know that many people say the flavor of Arabica is better. So you have to decide between convenience or quality. 

Can Coffee Be Grown Commercially in Florida

So we know coffee can be grown in Florida, but that doesn’t mean it can be grown commercially. So, can you grow coffee commercially in Florida or is it only for personal use?

Unfortunately, the only two states that grow coffee commercially are California and Hawaii. This means you cannot, in fact, grow coffee commercially in Florida. 

Therefore, everything we talk about in this article refers specifically to homegrown coffee. 

Do Coffee Beans Grow in Hot Weather?

So do you have to have some sort of indoor set up or can you grow your coffee beans out in the hot weather? 

Fortunately for you, if you’d like to grow your coffee outside, it can in fact grow in hot and even tropical environments. That in mind, they still usually don’t receive direct sunlight. We will dive deeper into this in our section on the kinds of lighting and soil coffee plants need. 

How Coffee Beans are Grown in Florida

Growing coffee in Florida requires a little practice, but isn’t too hard to master. Below we’ve broken down some of the basics as to how coffee is grown. We’ll get into what kind of lighting, temperature and soil are needed to maintain a coffee plant. Additionally, we’ll talk about watering and maintaining them as well. 

What Climate Do Coffee Beans Grow In? 

Most coffe plants can grow in temperatures of 60°F to 80°F during the day. They also shouldn’t ever go below 45°F at night or they risk taking damage. This means if you wanted to grow a coffee plant outside, you would need some where to temporarily shelter it if the temperature is not right.

 What Kinds of Lighting and Soil Do Coffee Plants Need

Lighting and Soil are two of the most important elements of growing coffee. Below we’ve broken down both what kind of lighting and what kind of soil is used with coffee:

  • Coffee plant lighting: In the wild, coffee plants often grow under the canopy of trees. They don’t do as well with direct sunlight. Therefore they need to be placed in an area where they will receive a fair amount of sun, without ever being directly exposed. In Florida this is especially important considering how intense the summer sun can get. 
  • Coffee plant soil: Coffee plants need an acidic, peat soil with a pH of approximately 6.5. Of course, many people like to add organic matter like pine bark, some types of moss and oak leaves. The soil also needs to be put into a container with a decent amount of drainage so the water can pass through.  

With the right lighting and soil, a coffee plant can thrive in florida. It just takes planning and careful execution. 

How Do You Maintain a Coffee Plant (Watering)

Coffee plants ablsoultely love water. You have to make sure that they always remain at least a little damp–though not soaked. If the soil is ever dry, then they aren’t getting enough water. 

So Really, How is Coffee Grown in Florida?

Coffee is grown by private individuals for personal use in Florida. It can be grown relatively easily depending on what type you’re trying to grow. 

The most common types of coffee grown in Florida are Arabica and Robusta. Arabica coffee is known for an almost sweet, chocolatey taste, while Robust is renown for its bitter profile. Which one will you try to grow? 

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