5 Coffee Beans that are Best for Cappuccinos

When you think of coffee there are a few beverages that immediately pop into your mind. The classic drip coffee, a latte, and a cappuccino. As you explore the world of coffee you become acquainted with the differences between the three. What separates a cappuccino from a regular drip coffee is steamed milk. One thing that both a latte and cappuccino have in common is the coffee bean used to make the drink.

Espresso beans are synonymous with both lattes and cappuccinos. Anything else is a mortal sin in the coffee world. There are several beans you can choose from to make the perfect blend for your cappuccino. Each will have a different taste, intensity, and aroma. The best beans for cappuccinos are Arabica and Robusta.

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Espresso blends can greatly change the dynamic of the overall beverage. The specific elements of a coffee bean will be the factors that will make or break your beverage. In a cappuccino specifically, the beans' interaction with the foam of the steamed milk is what is most critical.

What Bean Blends are Best for Cappuccinos?

Choosing the right blend to create the espresso for your cappuccino is the key to a good beverage. Personal taste preferences do play a part in the final decision of which blend is right for you. Learning about the elements of coffee beans will equip you to make an informed decision on your perfect blend.

The characteristics of your coffee blend will shape the overall beverage. When looking into blends, always look for the facts of these elements so you can have an idea of what the overall flavor profile of the beverage will be.

  • Acidity
  • Body
  • Aroma
  • Flavor

Each blend will have differences in these elements, some will remain constant because they are staples when it comes to cappuccinos specifically. Regardless, you will be sure to find the perfect blend in these picks or at the very least have a better understanding of what might constitute your perfect blend.

Verena Street Shot Tower Espresso Whole Bean

Verena Street 11 Ounce Espresso Beans, Shot Tower Espresso, Whole Bean Dark Roast, Rainforest Alliance Certified Arabica Coffee
  • 11oz. whole bean espresso dark roast; a rich body with a sweet and creamy complexity and crema
  • Smooth yet full roast, this espresso is good for fine grind espresso or course grind drip coffee
  • Sustainably sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms to protect farmers, wildlife and environment

This coffee is 100% Arabica sourced from three different locations: India, Central and South America. This dark roast has low acidity, which means it won’t have that harsh bite that high acidity espresso is marked by. In this roast you will detect notes of fruit and chocolate with an earthy, smoky aroma.

Dark roasts are more aromatic and intense, which pairs nicely with the sweetness of the milk, bringing out the different flavor notes of the coffee bean. The smoothness of the low-acidity will also be kinder to those with stomach issues like IBS.

Death Wish Organic Whole Bean Coffee

Death Wish Coffee Co., Organic and Fair Trade, Medium Roast, Whole Bean Coffee, 16 oz
  • SMOOTH DAY BOOST: Get ready for a long day with our coffee whole bean. Made 2x lighter than our dark roast coffee beans yet, still, 2x caffeinated & powerful than your average cup! Hit the grounds running with our medium roast coffee bean!
  • FLAVOR RICH WHOLE COFFEE BEANS: Let us help you function with our medium roast coffee beans ! Roasted to a lighter shade of bold with notes of caramel, peanuts, apricot & milk chocolate, this gourmet coffee beans will make you feel alive every day!
  • MEDIUM COFFEE WHOLE BEANS: Made with arabica & robusta roasted to a lighter shade of bold, our coffee beans whole are less acidic & smooth. These fresh coffee beans are for those needing a light brew without sacrificing the Deathwish caffeine kick!

This coffee is a true blend bringing Arabica and Robusta beans together. Though the blend is a medium roast, do not be fooled, this coffee is only for the brave. The strength of the coffee really comes forth in this espresso. Using it in a cappuccino will temper the intensity only slightly.

Those that enjoy their espresso on the bitter side will gravitate to this blend. The high acidity will nicely cut through the alkalinity of the milk of your choosing. The Arabica plant beans that are commonly used in high-end coffee blends are balanced with the India originated Robusta that brings the hit of caffeine.

The flavor notes that will be enhanced by the foam of the cappuccino are pecan, chestnut and browned butter. If you like a more nutty flavor profile as opposed to fruit or chocolate, this is the blend for you.

Lavazza Gran Espresso Whole Bean Coffee Blend

Lavazza Gran Espresso Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Medium Espresso Roast, Bag 2.2 LB (Pack of 1), Balanced and rich flavor with notes of cocoa
  • One 2.2 pound bag of Lavazza Gran Espresso Italian whole coffee beans
  • Balanced and rich flavor medium roast with notes of cocoa and black pepper
  • Blended and roasted in Italy

If you want the blend of Arabica and Robusta without the warning label, then this is the coffee for you. Lavazza Gran Espresso is a true medium roast that won’t be too intense but also not too mild. The roasting of these beans will leave a rich caramelized flavor that will be enhanced by the foam of the milk, making the sweetness just right.

The beans do not contain a high amount of oil, therefore, the coffee will be a bit more dry, which will again bring balance to the sweetness of the blend. Equate it to a sweet dry wine.

JO ESPRESSO Medium Dark Roast Coffee Beans

JO ESPRESSO: 12 oz, Medium Dark Roast, Whole Bean Organic Arabica Espresso Coffee, USDA Certified Organic Espresso, NON-GMO, Fair Trade Certified, Gluten Free, Gourmet Espresso Beans by Jo Coffee
  • JO ESPRESSO PROFESSIONAL CUPPING NOTES: RICH CREMA | HEAVY DARK CHOCOLATE | ELEGANT FINISH | NO FLAVORING ADDED | Descriptive terms are simply subtle undertones in the coffee itself and no flavors are added.
  • Each batch of this fresh roasted organic coffee is hand-crafted, by artisan coffee roasters, in our micro-roastery.
  • Available in 12 oz or a 2 lb money-saving package, both packaged with resealable tin-tie for convenient storage. We recommend using 2 tablespoons of ground coffee to 6 oz of water for optimal extraction with most brewing methods. For espresso brewers, we recommend 18 grams per double shot with a 24 to 28 seconds pull at 202 degrees +/=.

This coffee blend contains non-flavored Arabica beans, but will still carry dark chocolate flavor undertones. A good choice for those that enjoy more subtle flavors to the coffee. The slightly bitter flavor of the dark chocolate will balance nicely with the sweetness of the milk foam.

This blend also makes a heavy crema which will enhance the overall creaminess of the cappuccino. The medium-dark roast will make the coffee less intense and acidic than its full dark roast counterparts.

Koffee Kult Coffee Beans Dark Roasted

This Arabica blend is sourced from three different locations: Guatemala, Sumatra and Colombia. This coffee has undertones of sweet spices, in particular cinnamon. Since cinnamon is already an aromatic spice, it is sure to cut through the sweetness of the milk foam, making it more full-bodied.

The roasting of this blend will enhance the aroma to its maximum strength and raise the intensity of the flavor profile.  Koffee Kult is a popular online coffee retailer that sells coffee beans, grinders, and coffee makers.

Koffee Kult Beans come in different varieties, including dark roasted, light roasted, flavored toffee coffee beans, decaffeinated dark roast, or medium roast. The caffeine levels are standardized for each variety so that customers will get the same effect no matter which variety they choose.


These blends range most dramatically in their flavor profile from spices like cinnamon to nutty flavors like pecans and chestnut. There are options for any preference. The constants that are notable are the roasts of the beans. The need for a higher acidity that only comes in medium to dark roasts. Additionally, the intensity of the coffee that comes from these roasts will balance the sweetness of the milk foam.

All that is left to do is to get the milk steamed just right, being sure to allow plenty of aeration to create a smooth foam that perfectly complements the crema of your espresso. Then you can sit back with your perfect cappuccino and enjoy the aroma wafting up your nostrils as you allow the full-bodied flavors to dance on your tongue.

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