6 Reasons Why a Coffee Shop Is a Good Business

There are a plethora of reasons why starting your coffee shop is a phenomenal idea. There are some significant criteria involved in having your own coffee business. You need to be aware of how to run a successful business in general. If you have an affinity for coffee, it may be a wise choice.

Coffee has brought people together for several generations. When you are a coffee shop owner, you get to witness the joy you bring into people’s lives. Read the article below to learn six reasons why a coffee shop is a good business.

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Six Reasons Why a Coffee Shop Is a Good Business

Coffee shops are a great place to go where people can socialize, study, and drink coffee. Coffee shop businesses rarely fail. It is an excellent investment to start a business in this sector. With a variety of notable advantages, coffee shops are continuing to grow and become more popular.

The list below indicates the benefits of owning a coffee shop.

There Will Always Be a Market for Your Business

Coffee never goes out of style. While there may be a market for new endeavors at first, such as bubble tea shops and all-natural foods, coffee is here to stay, unlike these trends that come and go.

There may always be commercial coffee stores that offer outrageous items, like a liquid candy bar style latte, classic coffee shops never go out of style. While it can be exciting to experiment with new flavors and types of coffee drinks, most people never turn down a simple cup of good, strong coffee.

It is true that coffee shops also make lattes, but they do not often make “commercial” lattes. Classic coffee shops tend to stay true to their traditional coffee style, and it is far less complicated than the typical commercial coffee brand.

You Will Likely Succeed and Make Money

Most independent coffee shops succeed. There is about a 10 percent fail rate for coffee shops. You will likely succeed as a coffee shop owner once you get past the initial hurdle of making money and not losing it. This success is especially true if you have a solid business plan.

Owning a coffee shop is ideal for those who want to earn additional income and those who wish to make the coffee shop to be their primary income. Before embarking on the journey, you need to know what you want to get out of owning a coffee shop.

You Will Be Part of a Community

When you establish a business, particularly one that is unique to the area, you create a sense of community among the people in the town your coffee shop is in. Coffee houses have been bringing people together for hundreds of years.

You may think of your favorite café or coffee house when meeting with family and friends. Coffee houses create an atmosphere and a vibe that is extremely valuable in their community. A fun, safe place to socialize is a great way to connect with others while enjoying a good cup of coffee.

You Will Have More Freedom

Starting up a coffee shop will allow you the freedom you need to be flexible with the schedule, and you are the one to determine the hours you work and when to take off. When you have your coffee shop, you have more freedom.

You will have more financial freedom and the freedom to create the lifestyle you want. When you love your job, you will feel a greater sense of freedom and less like it’s a chore to work. Also, you do not have to work for a cranky boss who never lets you take time off.

In some situations, you may also enjoy the freedom of having a good cup of coffee any time you want. It is a nice bonus to have the freedom to run your shop.

You Will Get a Proper Business Education

When you start a coffee shop, you will learn essential skills, such as:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Service
  • Promotion
  • How to make good espresso coffee

You need skills to open the coffee shop, as much as you need skills to operate it. Typically, with a coffee shop, you will find that learning through experience is the best way.

Share Your Creativity and Passion for Coffee

Everyone knows that coffee is a terrific drink. When you are the owner of a coffee shop, you get to share your passion for coffee with others. You can craft a collection of distinctive drinks with various syrups and potions. It allows you to express your creative edge.

It should also be considered a privilege to give people great coffee when they may not otherwise have access to it.  When you start a coffee business, you get to share a common bond with others. Many people come to local coffee shops to try new and creative flavors and styles of coffee.

It is a business that flourishes because of its authenticity and passion for the bean. 

Do Coffee Shop Owners Make Good Money?

Before you even start making money selling coffee, you must find the ideal location with traffic that suits your budget. Finding the right spot to put a coffee shop can decrease advertising and promotional costs. When you own your coffee shop, you will have certain decisions about some things. These things include:

  • Advertising
  • Fixtures
  • Types of Coffee
  • Training of employees

When you are the owner of a coffee shop, you get to keep all the profit. You are not responsible for franchise fees or royalties. However, some of the significant factors that determine coffee shop revenue and income include:

  • Your business concepts
  • Location
  • The amount of customers sale and gross receipts
  • Menu price points
  • Initial start-up costs
  • Operational cost

Coffee shops tend to vary with their annual revenue. The following chart illustrates coffee business income estimates:

Small Espresso Catering $    35,500 $    55,000
Coffee Kiosk $    75,000 $    95,000
Mobile Coffee Truck $  145,000 $  165,000
Drive thru Coffee Stand $  155,000 $  185,000
Brick and Mortar Shop $  220,000 $  260,000
Full Shop with Bakery $  310,000 $  330,000
Café and Bar $  330,000 $  360,000
Coffee Shop, Bar and Food $  400,000 $  430,000

Your revenue as a coffee shop owner will be your gross proceeds, including the costs. Your goal is to increase the profit margin, total sales, and gross receipts while decreasing costs.

Your monthly fixed and variable costs determine your operational costs. If you want to know how much money you will make as a coffee shop owner, you must subtract your operational costs from your revenue to come to your profits.

If you intend to make your business grow, you will need to take a percentage of the gains and put it back into the business. After that, whatever is left over is your income.


Owning a coffee shop can be a gratifying and profitable experience. It helps to have a passion for coffee and a creative mind. There are a few significant factors involved in starting a coffee business. The most important one is your love and devotion to java.

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